Thursday, December 20, 2007

Civil Liberties News In Review - 12/20/07

Here's some more news for today. The news review will probably hibernate for the next two weeks, but the work of protecting civil liberties never rests - become a member of the ACLU and be a card-carrying member in 2008!

State Senator Breske thinks cracking down on immigration by fining employers who hire them is a good idea.

Cap Times editorial highlights Supreme Court Justice Shirley Abrahamson's career and also her comments about anti-immigration efforts in Green Bay. The editorial comes with a lovely forum section sparked by a pro-English-only advocate. Feel free to join in on the debate.

Law Enforcement
Ever wonder what happens to confiscated drug evidence? Concern about the apparent sieve of the Madison Police Department's evidence room is leading to a tightening of their procedures in order to clamp down on unlawful use and to improve public support.

Safe and Free
Beloit Professor says after 9/11, we see torture as normal.

Separation of Church and State
Green Bay wiccan wreath vandalized
So much for inclusion. When will folks realize that this is about the separation of church and state, not a free-for-all of religious expression on government grounds? Religious expression is best kept on private property. The city voted to keep only the nativity anyway.

Student Rights and Military Recruitment
Students at East organize info table on counter recruitment.