Wednesday, March 12, 2008

House resists telecom immunity, lunch with Lou Dobbs, pro-life ads in UW newspapers

News roundup for today...

Domestic Spying
The US House stands by their rejection of telecom immunity in FISA renewal. American Civil Liberties Union says the compromise is an improvement but concerns remain.

Lunch with Lou Dobbs - an interesting editorial on how to convert anti-immigrant radicals.

Reproductive Rights
Pro-Life Wisconsin rails at the rejection of their ads in Wisconsin University newspapers and cries censorship. The UW Badger Herald quotes newspaper editors saying they haven't reached a final decision. The ACLU supports access to Emergency Contraception (the target of opposition in the ad) - you can find information on EC access on the ACLU website. In Wisconsin, Governor Doyle will sign the Compassionate Care for Rape Victims into law tomorrow (Thursday, March 13) to ensure that rape victims have access to FDA-approved pregnancy prevention in the Emergency Room.