Wednesday, August 6, 2008

No used books to inmates, birth control=abortion?, register for primaries

Prisoners’ Rights
Think a used book is a subversive tool to dismantle the prison industrial complex? Maybe the Department of Corrections does. Or at least they are saying that a used book can contain contraband and that’s why a local bookstore is being denied the right to send books to Wisconsin inmates. The Wisconsin State Journal has this story which seems sympathetic to the DOC. The Cap Times offers this version of the issue.

*** update: if you'd like to hear more about this topic, tune in to WORT on Friday, August 8 at noon for A Public Affair as Diane Farsetta interviews volunteers from Wisconsin Books To Prisoners and Paul Wright, editor of Prison Legal News. Go to to stream it live or to catch the archive later.

Reproductive Rights
Under the guise of protecting medical professionals from job discrimination, Bush wants to create a new rule that would define birth control as abortion. Congressional approval isn't required to put the rule into effect, but around 100 legislators have signed onto a letter of protest against this sexist denial of patients' rights. It isn’t a surprise that this effort delights anti-abortion figureheads in the state. The leg affairs director quoted in the article is the same guy who thinks that condoms are immoral too. Be sure to watch the McCain clip. Ask yourself, who’s out of touch on this issue?

Voting Rights
Did you know you can pre-register to vote (now through August 20) to get ready for the state’s primary election? This is great for anyone who has moved recently (ahem… students!). Registration is setting record numbers as people look ahead for the November general election.