Wednesday, October 29, 2008

DOJ agents to monitor polls for fraud, abortion about more than privacy

Voting Rights
State Attorney General Van Hollen plans to send Wisconsin Department of Justice agents out to fight election fraud. But will they also be cracking down on voter intimidation and misinformation?

Here is an interesting opinion piece from the Milwaukee Magazine about how the AG’s lawsuit against the Government Accountability Board is impacted by partisanship and, if successful, could ultimately gut the power of the board and the non-partisan judges that compose it.

Reproductive Rights
Here is a piece that echoes this week’s post about the fight over the South Dakota abortion ban referendum. This excellent blog that says that with the Supreme Court and future battles over abortion rights in our future, abortion is a fundamental right for women – because of more than privacy but because of equal protection both from discrimination as women but also having the government patronize us by “knowing what’s the right choice” for us to make.