Thursday, November 6, 2008

Moving Freedom Forward - next steps

The Election is over. Now What?

Barack Obama’s victory gives all of us who care about liberty a real opportunity to restore the Constitution and move freedom forward. Now it’s up to us. And, the ACLU is ready to get to work.

For months, ACLU attorneys, policy experts and legislative advocates -- the very same people who have fought tooth and nail to defend freedom over the last eight years -- have been developing "Actions for Restoring America." It’s our blueprint for freedom, spelling out the specific actions that our new President must take to launch a restoration of American values and to convey a clear rejection of the shameful policies of the Bush era.

This document is already in the hands of members of the Obama transition team. And we want to get it in your hands, too, because we’ll be calling on you to help us get it done.

Download your personal copy of the ACLU’s Actions for Restoring America blueprint.

I hope you will take the time to read our blueprint for moving freedom forward. It details the steps we’ll be calling on Barack Obama to take as he begins his historic presidency including vitally important actions he can take on his first day in office with the stroke of a pen.

But the ACLU’s Actions for Restoring America isn’t just a plan of action for Barack Obama. It’s a call to action for you and every other member of the ACLU community. And we’ve broken it up into three areas:

First Day: Actions the President can take with the stroke of a pen on the first day in office.

First 100 Days: Actions the President and his administration can take in the first 100 days in office.

First Year: Actions the President and Congress can take in the first year.

You have helped stand up for the Constitution and the rule of law through periods of enormous challenge. Now, as we enter a more hopeful period in the life of our nation, we need you to demonstrate that same commitment to moving freedom forward and restoring America’s reputation.

As our blueprint makes clear: decisive action by our new leaders is not just a question of opportunity. It’s a matter of necessity. And the feistiness, passion and commitment of ACLU supporters like you will be more critical to the future of freedom than ever.

I know I speak for all of my ACLU colleagues in telling you that we’re excited to be entering this new era, eager to seize every opportunity for progress, and honored to be working by your side at such a pivotal period for freedom, justice and equality.

Anthony D. Romero
ACLU Executive Director
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