Thursday, March 19, 2009

Take Action: Restore religious/reproductive liberty balance in HHS regulations today

President Obama has made an important move to protect reproductive freedom. Let’s back him up.

In the waning days of his presidency, George W. Bush moved to undermine the ability of American women to get basic reproductive health services, including birth control and information about abortion. As a result, more than 45,000 ACLU members voiced their opposition.

President Obama has issued a proposal to rescind Bush's Heath Care Denial Rule. The 30-day public comment period on the Obama proposal ends on April 9. Now, the ACLU needs your help again to mobilize people all across the nation for a dramatic show of support.
Add your name to public comments in support of rescinding the Health Care Denial Rule.

The Obama administration has started the ball rolling by initiating the review. Now, it's up to us to do our part in ending this totally unnecessary and dangerous rule.

For years, federal law has carefully balanced protections for individual religious liberty and patients' access to reproductive health care. But the Bush regulations take patients' health needs -- and patients' rights -- totally out of the equation. The ACLU stood up for patients' rights and brought a federal lawsuit on behalf of the National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association. Recognizing the dangers posed by this rule, eight state governments also filed suit.

When the Bush administration first proposed this rule, the Department of Health and Human Services received more than 200,000 comments. The overwhelming majority opposed the rule. Now we need to speak just as loudly and clearly to end this rule.

At a time when more and more Americans are either uninsured or struggling with the soaring costs of health care, the federal government should be expanding access to important health services, not interfering in programs that have successfully provided services for years.

Take part in an immediate, bold display of support for rescinding the Health Care Denial Rule.

Thank you for all you are doing to make this a year of progress to renew American freedom. Act now on this very important request.

Louise Melling, Director
ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project