Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One of the Best Ways to Support the ACLU of WI - Through One of the Best Places to Work in Madison!

The ACLU of Wisconsin Foundation has been a long-time member of Community Shares of Wisconsin, an organization that facilitates workplace giving campaigns in Dane County and for State of Wisconsin workers. Supporting the ACLU of Wisconsin's educational and litigation work through a Community Shares campaign is an easy, low-cost way to show your support.

But until Madison Magazine named Community Shares of Wisconsin (CSW) as the Best Place to Work 2010--in workplaces under 100 employees, CSW has been a behind-the-scenes force to build social and economic equity and a healthy environment.

"It's very gratifying to get this recognition," said Executive Director Crystel Anders. "Yet we know that a key reason we were chosen as one of the Best Places to Work is because of the guidance from our board which consists of representatives from each of our member groups as well as representatives from the community.

The magazine article also gave credit to CSW member groups and the public. It pointed out that Madison gets social change and the many members and small staff of Community Shares of Wisconsin have worked over the past 18 years to go from a giving campaign of $250,000 to campaigns of over a million dollars annually. That's a lot of community support, even in a tough economy.

"Our 64 member groups really are essential to Community Shares," said Crystel. "A common theme among all of our employees' responses to the questionnaire was that they welcome the opportunity to work with great people at our member nonprofits. Staff also reported that their answers mentioned how much they enjoy the chance to work with a broad spectrum of social and environmental issues - by virtue of working with our member groups."

You can support the ACLU of Wisconsin Foundation through Community Shares of Wisconsin by participating in your workplace campaign. Campaigns allow individual employees to give to charities of their choice through payroll deductions of the amount they choose. Low administration costs allow people to give 100% of their contribution to their favorite charity. To find out how to give your support, contact the ACLU of Wisconsin Madison Area Office or Community Shares of Wisconsin.

The article, and details about the other places chosen among the Best Places to Work, can be found in the April issue of Madison Magazine, and on its website.