Monday, May 17, 2010

Take Action: Support the ACLU's Lawsuit Against the Arizona Racial Profiling Law

A lot of people are outraged about Arizona's new racial profiling, "show me your papers" law. And today, the American Civil Liberties Union is taking action.

Just a few hours ago, the national ACLU went to federal court to block this discriminatory law from taking effect.

You can add your name to our list of supporters today. To help you show your public support for reversing this law, we'll send you a free "What Happens in Arizona, STOPS In Arizona" bumper sticker.

Racial profiling is a deeply-offensive affront to the American values of justice and fairness. And using race to demand that people produce "papers" to prove who they are is a police-state tactic that is completely unacceptable in America. If we don't stop this law now, similar ones could spread across the nation. Already, state lawmakers in at least 10 other states have promised to bring similar bills to their legislatures.

We need to first stop this law in Arizona and then continue to work to prevent such bills from ever passing in Wisconsin.

That's why the national ACLU is taking Arizona to court, along with our partners the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, the National Immigration Law Center, and a number of other civil rights groups.

Under the new law, Arizona police will be required to ask people they stop for their citizenship papers based on "reasonable suspicion" that they are in the country unlawfully. And by leaving "reasonable suspicion" undefined, the law leaves police officers little choice but to act on appearance and language, inviting a new wave of rampant racial profiling. Find out more about the facts on the new Arizona law on-line.

Today, our lawyers took the first legal step to stop this law. You can read a copy of our complaint on-line. And we'll be organizing on the ground in Arizona, training volunteer lawyers to help people defend themselves against racial profiling. We won't stand by while this law transforms Arizona into a place where anyone can be forced to "show papers" when they are stopped by police just because of how they look or talk or dress.

Racial profiling is unconstitutional, unacceptable and un-American. But, we'll only stop extremism and injustice by acting together to end them.

We need you on board. Can we count you in?

For justice,
Anthony D. Romero
Executive Director

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