Saturday, February 26, 2011

Privacy Rights Online - Who is Checking You Out? A Discussion on 4th Street Forum

Did you catch this week's 4th Street Forum on Milwaukee Public Television? The topic was on data privacy rights and the ACLU of Wisconsin's Executive Director Chris Ahmuty was among the guest panel to discuss current trends.

During the conversation on current issues in data privacy, Ahmuty talked about the concerns ACLU members have about data mining by the government and their privacy online, even in a time of social networking and sharing.

He also discussed the lesser-known topic of government data fusion centers (check out the ACLU's national map), locally known as the Wisconsin Statewide Information Center. He spoke about the abuse of threat assessments on anti-abortion protesters who demonstrated at a UW Regents meeting (read more: ACLU of WI quoted in blog post from The Progressive magazine).

Other topics included employment discrimination related to social media posts and Wisconsin's Circuit Court Access Program, the potential reauthorization of Patriot Act provisions and a discussion of the fact that the Electronic Communications Privacy Act hasn't been updated since 1986.

Enrique Figueroa hosted this edition of 4th Street Forum called, "Privacy: Checking You Out." Other guests included Dr. Michael Zimmer, co-director, Center for Information Policy Research at UW-Milwaukee; Tannette Elie, independent on-line news journalist; and Bruce Boyden, JD BRUCE BOYDEN, JD, assistant professor of law at Marquette University Law School.