Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ACLU of WI Milwaukee Open House a Hit on Gallery Night

As a part of Gallery Night in the Third Ward in Milwaukee, the ACLU of Wisconsin hosted an open house that connected our members and local art fans in our brand new space on Friday, April 15 2011.  Several hundred visitors enjoyed the excellent donations of local food and drinks, donated to the ACLU of Wisconsin Foundation and learned more about our work.

ACLU of WI Board President Patti Keating Kahn
Community artists were featured both by the True Skool mural in our office and in an exhibit of our newly created bilingual voter education panels which will be used as part of our voter education outreach programming this year. Special thanks to mural artists Andrew Parchman for his ceiling work and Jasmine Barmore and Zen Castillo for their work on our youth center wall which will no doubt inspire our youth rights program participants and staff in the years to come.

Mural artist Zen Castillo
Mural artist Jasmine Barmore

We had great food and drink sponsors:  Triskeles, Transfer Pizzeria/ViaDowner, Aladdin's Taste of the East, Trocadero, and Walker's Pint.   We also had some fantastic homemade salsa from our very own Milwaukee Chapter Representative, Charlie Fox. In fact, we heard from a number of people that we had "the best food and drink spread in the whole Gallery Night circuit," and that the ACLU was the "place to be" on Gallery Night. Thanks so much to our donors who helped make the party a success. 

And special thanks to Emily Plagman who has been our special events diva for both the Bill of Rights Celebration and the open house. She's moving to take a new full-time gig and we will all miss her being a part of the ACLU of Wisconsin team this year. Congrats and good luck Emily!

Emily Plagman with Bill Franson
To see more photos from the event, visit our photo album on Facebook.