Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Action Alert from the ACLU on spying

Has fear-mongering run its course?

The battle in Congress over out-of-control government spying could be summed up like this: Bush administration strong-arming versus the will of the people. That's why we need your signature on the ACLU's "Keep Standing Up to Bush Fear-Mongering" petition.

The Bush administration is still trying with all its might to force Congress to grant the President broad spying powers and to give immunity to telecom companies that cooperated with illegal government eavesdropping.

We’ve extended our petition deadline to send the strongest message to Congress: “Keep Standing Up to Bush Fear-Mongering!” Sign the petition here.

Yesterday, thousands of ACLU supporters helped us run a powerful ad in USA Today. We praised House leaders for standing firm and letting the dangerous and poorly named Protect America Act expire. And we urged them to keep standing up to Bush’s scare tactics.

Now, something noteworthy is happening. Bush administration fear-mongering is falling flat, in spite of administration officials issuing ominous warnings. Republicans have even launched a deceptive TV ad in the sensationalist style of the television drama “24.” But, the American people aren’t falling for it. And so far, House leaders aren’t either.

With continued leadership from Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Hoyer, we must keep fear merchants on the run and insist that Congress pass domestic surveillance legislation that keeps us safe and free.

There’s no predicting what happens next and no guaranteeing that House leaders will continue to hold the line. That’s why the ACLU is pulling out all the stops. We ran the USA Today ad to frame the debate. We’re gathering tens of thousands of signatures urging House leaders to stand their ground. And soon, we will be launching “Calling for Freedom,” an all-out calling campaign aimed at flooding Congress with our message.

So please, sign our petition now and pay close attention to your ACLU emails in the crucial days ahead. Thanks for all you are doing.

Caroline Fredrickson, Director
ACLU Washington Legislative Office

P.S. This is the time for outreach. Please forward this petition-signing request to as many people as possible.The more leaders in Congress hear from people like you, the better our chances of holding the line against spying without warrants and law-breaking without consequences.

Your voice is being heard. Let’s not stop now. Sign our petition today.