Thursday, February 28, 2008

Close Guantanamo ribbons make a debut at the Oscars

Did anyone catch the Oscars award show on television? There were some folks making a statement about detainment, torture and denial of Habeas Corpus by wearing orange ribbons attached to their Oscar-ready dresses and tuxes.

Are ribbons passe and ugly? Or is orange the new power color? A Washington Post article considers the debate but without much detail on why the ACLU wants to Close Guantanamo. Best Actress nominee, Julie Christie, gets interviewed by ABC after the awards and mentions why she is wearing the ribbon.

Donors to the ACLU's Close Guantanamo campaign can get an orange armband. Wear an orange ribbon today to show your support of due process and human rights.

Photo: Jeff Vespa/Getty Images

Find out more about the Close Guantanamo orange ribbon campaign on the national ACLU blog.