Monday, July 28, 2008

Impeachment and the Constitution, fish and justice, voting rights and more

Here's the news round up for today...

Constitutional Issues
Check out Tammy Baldwin's statement on why she thinks impeachment is a valid step. Whether or not you think impeachment is worth the time and energy, her comments outline all of the Constitutional concerns of the Bush presidency. The national ACLU responded to the committee hearings with a statment on why expanding Presidential powers throws our democracy off balance.

Environmental Justice
When an environmental hazard disproportionately affects people of color, the worlds of environmental protection and fighting for equality collide. Such is the case with the work of the Madison Environmental Justice Organization. MEJO just put out their survey of folks who fish in local waters which offers the numbers behind the faces of people who fish for food (not just for fun). The study underscores why we should first post signs with health warnings around area lakes, and second work to clean up our lakes for everyone to enjoy.

State Legislature
From the do-nothing legislature to the blame-the-other-guy strategy, here's a commentary about what to expect in the WI state election season.

Voting Rights
Here's what happened at the Protect Wisconsin's Vote Education Summit on Thursday. A panel talked about important voting rights trends to watch out for including voter suppression, the myth of voter fraud, ex-offender re-enfranchisement, the pitfalls of voter ID, the importance of preserving same day registration in Wisconsin, the accessibility of polls to those with disabilities, and bilingual barriers. The evening also featured short films and the launch of a website complete with information and resources for voters at