Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Privacy in the news, ACLU is "blog famous"

Welcome back Cap City Liberty readers! The Madison Area Office is happily back in gear for the summer, organizing legal observer trainings and working with our fabulous interns on our Know Your Rights workshop development. Read on for today's news in review, upcoming events and more.

While this isn't about governmental intrusion in our privacy, this story is too interesting to ignore. A Wisconsin Court of Appeals will be hearing a case about a guy who videotaped his girlfriend naked without her knowledge or permission. The article provides some thought-provoking dialogue about what a reasonable expectation of privacy means when it gets tangled in legal precident and language.

Update on the electronics at the boarder issue. This article shows again that racism and bigotry can be a replacement for "reasonable suspicion."

Here's a shameless ACLU plug from the Canadian feminist blog,! The ACLU of Wisconsin got a mention by a young woman who I believe is the same perosn who asked the ACLU's national Executive Director Anthony Romero, a good question at the national ACLU conference about youth involvement in activism and the ACLU's work on Native (north)American rights. Go girl! Check out the Cap City Liberty Blog entries from early June to read more about our group trip to DC.

The second season of the Freedom Files is out! Check out the previews at and you can see more about important issues the ACLU is working on nationally. The Freedom Files television series draws on the power of true stories to highlight vital civil liberties issues of our time and inspire viewers to take action. These half-hour documentaries feature the firsthand accounts of real people who have taken on the powers that be, often at great risk to themselves, in order to preserve their precious constitutional rights. Drop us a line at the ACLU of Wisconsin Madison Area Office if you would like to know more about the Freedom Files or have ideas for screening them for free in our community.

Event: Wednesday, July 2nd 7:00 p.m.
Escape Java Joint (916 Williamson St.)
- Comedian Will Durst, last year's entertainment at the ACLU of Wisconsin's Bill of Rights event, is coming to Madison tomorrow night! -
The All-American Sport of Bipartisan Bashing: Common Sense Rantings from a Raging Moderate – an evening with political satirist, Will Durst, just in time for the July Fourth Holiday! Join Rainbow Bookstore and the Progressive Magazine in welcoming to Madison a comic with a far ranging monologue on the State of Our Union and provocative words of wisdom on the absurdities of the established order.