Tuesday, July 8, 2008

WORT today! National ACLU Legislative Director talks about taking action on FISA

Need the update on issues regarding domestic spying, telecom immunity and what we can do to clean up the FISA mess? Tune into WORT-FM community radio today (Tuesday) at noon to get the scoop from Caroline Fredrickson, National ACLU Legislative Director.

Chris Dols will host this episode of A Public Affair with Fredrickson to ask her more about the FISA Amendments Act, which the US Senate will more than likely be passing today and sending to Bush to sign into law. The bill guts the oversight authority of the FISA Court which was set up to limit the government's spying in the aftermath of the FBI's Counter Intelligence Programs (COINTELPRO) and Watergate.

Madison folks can tune into 89.9 on their dials or anyone can stream the show live at noon, central time. Please call in with your questions.

Today, Fredrickson grilled the Washington Post about their support for the flawed FISA bill.

p.s. Reading this blog post too late? You can still hear the interview over the next two weeks on WORT's archive. Look for June 8th's A Public Affair show for download or listen.